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Cherry Blossom Royal Buds and junior princess programs

Cherry Blossom Royal Buds of Promise Program - NEW

We are inaugurating our Cherry Blossom Royal Buds of Promise Program.  The program is open to girls ages 1 to 4.  Our Cherry Blossom Royal Buds of Promise will participate in the Cherry Queen’s Storytime & Royal Cherry Blossom Tea Party, be individually introduced, and receive a crown from the U.S. and Japan Cherry Blossom Queens.  They will also participate in a cultural activity and have the opportunity to take a photo with our Queens.


We encourage our Buds of Promise to attend the Lantern Lighting and NCSS Celebration Gala (ticket not included) as well where they will be recognized. State and Territorial Societies can have more than one part, it is not limited, and applications are accepted on a first come - first serve basis.

JPP Sashing 2023.jpg
JPP Lantern 2_edited.jpg

The Junior Cherry Blossom Princess Program

A program that started as an introduction to the Cherry Blossom Program for young girls in 2012.  It is a cultural celebration for young girls ages 5 to 15 years old held each year in Washington, DC during the National Cherry Blossom Festival(c). The program, formally launched in 2012, is managed by the National Conference of State Societies (NCSS). Throughout one week of the Festival, Junior Cherry Blossom Princesses have the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural and social events celebrating the unique and enduring friendship between the United States and Japan.

The 2024 Program will commence with the Sashing event on Saturday  April 6th.  Other events include the Japanese Stone Lantern Lighting and Grand Ball.


Applications for the 2024 program will be available in January 2024.  To submit your application please click on the the button below.  If you want to register more than one Junior Princess you need to complete another application.  You will also be able to attach a picture. 

You can follow the Princess Program on Facebook

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